For 60 years since its founding, Namsun Aluminum Co., Ltd. has been part of the development of the Korean Aluminum Industry. Namsun Aluminum took its first step in the aluminum business in 1947 starting with the production of cast iron pots. Its business extended to housewares, windows and doors for housing and buildings in the '60s, and rolled plates in the '90s. Namsun Aluminum has now grown to an enterprise specializing in managing all aluminum related businesses.

Namsun Aluminum Co., Ltd. entered its 50th year in 1997 and continued to pursue business growth, even during the economic hardship of the IMF Asian crisis. Namsun Aluminum has released new products and reconstructed its organizational structure, and now stands at the crossroads of a new future. From the second half of 2002, Namsun Aluminum has been undertaking preparations to become a global company; a reputable enterprise specializing in aluminum sash, curtain wall and industrial fabrics.

Based on the company's motto: "Elegant living. Elegant spaces.", Namsun Aluminum Co., Ltd. values its human resources and technology, and aims to promote its employee's ability, cooperation, and creativity to the world through its collaborative businesses. Namsun aims to be the best 21st century aluminum specialized enterprise providing technical services.